If there’s one sector that is in one way or the other, connected to almost every person on this planet, then that is telecommunication sector. Over the past few years, this sector saw a tremendous growth and rise of many organizations. Majority percentage of success of these organizations owe to a well-built IT solutions and integrated strategies. It is well known that there’s a huge competition in this sector today and there’s a high need for the integration of effective IT strategies and solutions to tackle this competition and win the race.


Effenor is the ideal choice for organizations related to telecommunication sector to achieve well-organized functioning and efficient results. We offer a variety of IT services that facilitate achievement of short term and long term goals and acquire profits all along the way. Collaborating with Effenor’s advanced technological solutions means that you are on your way to achieve top notch operational efficiency, budget minimization, smooth work flow, robust network security, best customer relationship management, and a faithful customer base. Our services include

  • Enterprise Resource Management
  • Legacy Systems Migration
  • Ticketing Systems Installation
  • Adaptive Technology Integration
  • Data Ware-Housing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Network Security
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Architecture Solutions
  • Digital Marketing
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