The recent years saw a great rise of IT applications in the organizations related to Pharma sector. It is not surprising to know that those organizations which did not take advantage of these technological advancements have lagged behind their competitors. In today’s world, these solutions enable faster time to market, better productivity rate, quality production, and efficient R & D process in this sector. IT in pharma sector has an enormous role to play as of already and it is bound to increase in the coming years.


Our services are basically aimed at improvising the current operation strategies, effective data utilization and communication, adaptability to the changing trends, tackling the challenges real time, and increase data and asset security systems. To achieve all these attributes, you need the following services from the expert minds like Effenor.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Data Warehousing
  • Raw data analysis and management
  • Sales force management
  • Convergence and Integration Services
  • Human Resource Management
  • Globalization
  • Systems Migration
  • Cloud Computing and Solutions
  • Network Security
  • Mobile Solutions
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