IT companies face top pressures on all sides with heavy competition and the ever advancing technologies to stay abreast with them and maintain a strong hold. Without the integration of latest efficient solutions and applications, it is difficult to lead the race. Effenor acts as a great consultancy partner for IT companies and assist them in having their noses ahead of their competitors.


Effenor engages in a variety of IT solutions that include ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Infrastructure Security and Planning, Network Solutions, Virtualization, and Migration techniques. These techniques are integrated into the organization to facilitate

  • Systems management, Data Consolidation, Server Rationalization
  • Secure Gateways, Robust Architecture, Data/Network assessment, Recovery planning
  • Program or application compatibility on a variety of platforms
  • Architecture Design, Virtualization, Real time and Non Real time communication, Unified Solutions for Wireless and Wired systems.


  • Greater control and management
  • Enhanced speed and smooth operations
  • Tightened network security
  • Improved ROI
  • Better communication and HRM
  • Robust systems architecture
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