IT sector are now major part of healthcare sector and play an important role in enhancement of the healthcare services. Healthcare organizations need to be updated regularly with latest technology to meet the news challenges in this sector.

This would ensure they minimize the cost of operations, effective utilization of Human resources and thereby enhance the operational efficiency.

So, fully equipped with latest technology and enhancement of operational efficiency are basically the two most important things these organizations would look for and those are exactly what Effenor offers.


Effenor is highly expertized and experienced in offering wide-variety of services and solutions for the healthcare sector enterprises.

  • Establishing Modern Health Care System for your organization that increases efficiency in cost ,services, processing and resource management.
  • We provide top quality Medical Record System that would enable your organization to track the data, details of the patients, resources, monitor the success rate and analyze the service performances.
  • A variety of important systems such as Payment and Claim Systems, Medical Management Systems shall be integrated.


  • Complete Efficiency Enrichment of the Organization.
  • Ease in Operational services and Man Power with cutting-edge technologies
  • Reduce the additional and needless costs and get exactly what you paid for.
  • Keep up with the developing and latest IT technologies and be the leader of healthcare sector.
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