It might be quite surprising for a few people to know that IT plays quite an important role in businesses related Agriculture or Farming sector. The IT solutions and services integrated in these businesses would help in enhancing the productivity, return on investment, and quality of products. The prominence of IT in this sector is gradually increasing and it has a great scope in the days ahead.


The services and solutions offered by Effenor for agricultural sector basically aims at increasing the production efficiency, smooth operation, better human resource management, and communication. Here we go

  • Helping the organizations in keeping abreast with technology with processes like digitization of agricultural products data in the form of test, images, and videos as well.
  • Incorporating software applications and systems to reduce the man made errors and increase the work efficiency
  • Establishment of communicating networks so that easy transfer of data and information is facilitated between farming communities
  • Simplified processing methodology with unique for large amounts of data related to the products
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