Mobility is one of the most important factors that determine the success rate of a business in this competitive world. Therefore, integration of user-friendly mobile solutions that keep the customers as well as the employees always connected to a business organization is vital. You can reach the customers at any time and manage the operations efficiently with the mobile solutions


Effenor is the perfect destination if you are on the lookout for End-to-End mobile solutions and mobility strategies. We help you all the way in the process of making your business go mobile. The following are a variety of strategies we include in offering these solutions for you

  • Researching the latest technology and user’s pulse and integrating solutions accordingly
  • Designing user-friendly unique Apps for your business
  • Mobility management that enables your business adapt to the changing dynamics and technology
  • Selection of appropriate mobile platforms that suit the needs of your employees as well as customers
  • Integration robust security in the mobile solutions to eliminate the vulnerability


  • Enhanced speed in time-to-market procedure
  • Better flexibility and collaboration
  • Cost effectiveness and operational efficiency
  • Improved end-to-end services and delivery
  • Greater reach of customers
  • Robust security and mobility management
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