Harnessing all the available resources effectively at your organization including man power is a vital factor that plays a crucial role in your business success. This is where Enterprise Resource Planning enters the picture. The operational process, human resources, the development process, services and functioning, and all the other sections of your organization can be efficiently managed with this ERP. These solutions usually make use of certain tools and applications that are integrated with your business strategies depending on the type of niche.


We, at Effenor, are equipped with the expertise and experience in offering top notch ERP solutions for your business of any scale and vertical. Here are some of the basic processes included in ERP

  • Product or Service Planning and Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Resources and Financial Data interpretation and precision enhancement
  • Project Planning and Execution strategies
  • Iteration reduction
  • Effective Inventory Control
  • Efficient Human Resource Management
  • Data Migration and Security Enhancement


The fundamental logic behind ERP solutions is to offer you a clear depiction of how well you are utilizing your resources and how you can enhance the same utilization to facilitate greater operational efficiency and smooth functioning. Here are a few of the many benefits you can reap with ERP –

  • Resource Data (Statistical) transparency
  • Smooth real-time management
  • Enhanced Data Security Robustness
  • Hurdle-Free Operations
  • Improved Adaptive Behavior
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