Any business organization can better its target only when all the available primary data is analyzed and is utilized in the strategies effectively. For this to happen, Data Ware-Housing is a highly important solution that must be integrated in the business operations. If implemented to perfection, it enables you to reach the pre-defined target with the utmost ease imaginable.


The Data Ware-Housing team at Effenor is fully knowledgeable in strategizing and effectively integrating the solutions for businesses of any niche of all kinds of scales. The tools and applications we use ensure top class results, efficient operations and smooth running of your organization. Here are some of the methods we implement as a part of this service –

  • Conventional data retrieval process i.e. Staging, Integration, and Layer Accessing steps to acquire all the primary data of your business
  • The above step will be followed by hierarchy and priority assigning for the data and then sent for analytics
  • Online Analytical and Transaction processing, Predictive analysis are the basic techniques we implement in analyzing the data


  • Simplified data management and data transaction methods
  • Multiple system data integration ability
  • Easy and efficient data maintenance
  • Hurdle free data access and easy understanding for all the users
  • Restructuring of Data facilitating easy analysis and performance
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