A strong bonding between a client and its customer is the ultimate factor that defines and determines the growth and success of any business organization. And that is possible only with effective Customer Relationship Management. Every business organization must have a set of unique CRM solutions that would enhance the relationship between the existing customers and retain them for a long time as well as fetch new and faithful customers at a good speed.


Effenor’s innovative CRM solutions for your business would start by analyzing the services you offer to the customers and then prepare the strategy accordingly. Our latest technology based solutions will enhance the speed of support, quality of interaction, subtle marketing and thus improve the customer-client bonding to a whole new level!


  • Applications and Accessories that would assist you in analyzing the customer’s online feedback and react accordingly.
  • Online grievance support and suggestions that would make way for better interaction with the customers
  • Sales analysis and prediction that helps you form a better strategy to fetch more faithful customers
  • Formation of better CRM solutions with the help of Data Ware-Housing for your business to use the resources effectively and invest in the right areas
  • Short term and long term solutions to enhance the conversion rate and retention numbers.
  • Provision and design of new applications and tools specific for your business purposes to analyze the client’s data and integrate necessary CRM solutions.
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