Our Solutions for your business organization would enable a fast growth, adaptability to the changing trends, and an ease to reach your ultimate business goals with perfection without any hurdles.

At Effenor, we believe that IT solutions are not just temporary answers to a current technical need or issue; they should be integrated in such a way that they adapt to future changes and facilitate the smooth running of any organization at any given time. Effenor specializes in delivering world class solutions for clients of all kinds of niches.

With our objective oriented and future adaptive solutions, you acquire

  • Efficient planning and utilization of all resources in the organization to gain full productivity and maximum ROI with our Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Long lasting Camaraderie between organization and your customers with our Customer relationship management
  • Strategies and planning to utilize the available raw data and make good use of them in operations through Business Intelligence solutions
  • Effective control, management, and user friendly accessing of entire data across your organization facilitating smooth run
  • 100% assured safety of IT resources and related data with our robust security solutions
  • Excellent connectivity and user friendly access to data everywhere you go with innovative mobile solutions
  • Delivery of assured working products of the maximum efficiency with the software testing
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