Conventional recruitment methods by business organizations could be time consuming and expensive at times. The most important thing is that it can hinder the operations of the organization to an extent, due to some obvious distractions. To avoid these disadvantages, most business organizations go for Recruitment Process Outsourcing to facilitate recruiting new staff for their company in a distraction free environment at a minimum budget.


When we consider the entire process of recruiting a new person into a company, we can observe that it is not a simple or one step process that can be finished in a single session. Effenor offers an assured assistance in this regard by taking utmost care in each and every step of the recruitment process.


  • Reduced Investment with better results
  • Efficient Staffing
  • Enhanced HRM and asset management
  • Increased ROI
  • Controlled and Fixed expenses for the process
  • Full control over the process despite being an outsourced one
  • Less pressure
  • Hurdle free operations
  • No extra time dedication for candidates training.


  • Reduce the expenditure of hiring process
  • Avoid the wastage of time demanding sub processes like sourcing, screening, and negotiation
  • Better concentration and work efficiency in regular operations
  • Expert RPO results in the hiring efficient staff


  • Primary consultation and the understanding of client’s requirement of RPO
  • First level selection: Sourcing and Screening of Candidates
  • Second Level Selection: Personal Interview for the candidates selected in the first level
  • Closure: The candidates who’ve been evaluated and selected will be sent for the final selection process to the client organization’s HR or we will suggest candidates to be short-listed for

We not only take care of just the recruitment processing for you, but also offer Business Process Outsourcing Solutions as well. Yes, despite outsourcing the Recruitment Process, some businesses might find it hard sometimes to balance all the major or minor operations and may lose control. With our assured SWOT analysis, we make sure you re-gain that control and be back in business in no time.

Our SWOT analysis for you is a combination of 4 factors that we analyze before offering the solutions you need


  • Identifying the positives and pillar assets and processes that have the potential to take you to the top level and nurturing them
  • Detection of flaws and glitches in the functioning of the organization and suggesting solutions to eliminate them
  • Identification of opportunities that gives your organization an edge over the competitors and keep your nose ahead of the race
  • Detection of factors that could cause a negative impact on the organization’s run and offering the measures and ideas to tackle them
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